This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Welcome to the SCIENCE OF SCHOOL. Whether you came here from the website, newsletter, social media, or wherever, I hope you find the content informative and interesting.

The purpose of the SCIENCE OF SCHOOL is to connect academic research in education to the classroom. Too often what we do in the classroom is contrary (or at least off-base) compared to what research suggests the most effective approaches should be. We do things because that’s just the way things are done, instead of trying to find a better way. Educators have very little extra time as it is, so the purpose of this site is to interpret the practical applications of scholarly research in an accessible manner.

Further, I hope that you’ll find the content thought-provoking, if not downright controversial. By all means, disagree with the conclusions you see here! This is not a monument to scientific fact, but rather to the scientific process: questioning, hypothesizing, and experimenting. If nothing else, you should question everything you do in the classroom. Is it optimal for students? Parents? The community? How can it be improved?

Throughout this blog, you will see posts labelled to one of four categories. Posts about Methods will examine the effectiveness of different pedagogical strategies. The next category, Curriculum, will attempt to explain why we teach what we teach. Assessment will be a review of various evaluations, and finally Policy will analyze the overarching structure of schools at both the individual and systemic level.

My least-favorite phrase is, “That’s just the way it is.” As educators, we can be better than that. We have to be.

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