This site is meant to be a resource for educators who wish to apply the most current research- and experience-based practices into their classroom. For most educators, our certification classes were heavy on educational theory with very little in the way of practical experience. When we start teaching, we quickly find ourselves bogged down in day-to-day operations with no time to apply or search out theories of education. The SCIENCE OF SCHOOL aims to wed practical experience with academic theory in an easy-to-digest format for teachers on the move. What should be the best approaches in education, but most importantly, where is the evidence to prove it?

About the AUTHOR

Tommy Kauffmann is a Social Studies teacher with an M.Ed in Secondary Education. His favorite unit to teach is American Imperialism, and his favorite subject in history is Colonial and Post-Colonial African history. Outside of education, you can find him running. He recently competed in the 2016 US Olympic Marathon Trials and is aiming to qualify for the 2020 Trials as well. You can read about his running here.